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At Alluring Smiles we specialise in bespoke smile makeovers using the latest techniques, state of the art technology and our artistic ability to design and create your dream smile.  A smile makeover is a cosmetic dental term that simply means combing two or more treatments to create your dream smile.  It can be anything from a few simple adjustments to a completely transformative makeover. A smile makeover can completely alter your facial expression and give you a more youthful appearance.  The shape and alignment of your teeth are an integral part of the the appearance of your face and particularly your cheeks and lips; dental problems can result in sinking lips, hollow looking cheeks and even wrinkles.  

We know that every face and smile is unique and as our name reflects we 'design smiles'. We don't have a generic set of teeth or look that we simply apply to each patient in a 'cookie-cutter' approach.  We meticulously assess each individual to determine what is right for you.  During your smile design consultation we take that time to listen closely to you to understand your goals and aspirations.  Once we have this understanding we will present and discuss with you which of the latest dental treatments will achieve this.  We also take the time to explain how each type of treatment works and how they will all work together to achieve your dream smile. 

It is important that your 'new smile' is in harmony with not only your jaw but all of your facial features.  In order to achieve this we may use one or all of the steps below (or indeed a step completely bespoke to your needs):

  1. Assessment Photography - Using a professional grade digital camera we take a complete series of photos of your current smile.  This allows us to evaluate and discuss with you the harmony between your smile and your facial features, including looking in detail at the colour and texture of the teeth.
  2. Diagnostic Mock-Up -  Using a special tooth coloured material we can temporarily sculpt the material onto your teeth to change the shape, length and spacing which allows you to see some of the changes that we are recommending. 
  3. Diagnostic 3D Wax-Up - Using very accurate impressions of your teeth we can ascertain how your teeth and jaw functionally work for not only chewing but also when resting.  This ensures that we enhance and not interfere with any of your tooth functionality.  These impressions also allow us to communicate with (for treatments that require it) our master ceramists and to critically evaluate the results.  We can then make any desired adjustments.
  4. Temporary Teeth - Using a high-tech composite resin we sculpt temporary teeth in your desired shape which not only gives you the chance to preview your new smile but also to discuss any adjustments you would may like to make. This process allows you to leave our office with a temporary version of your dream smile.