We are proud to be able to offer a variety of orthodontic solutions to our patients.  Orthodontic treatment is extremely patient need and goal specific; some patients want treatment for purely aesthetic reasons and others want it to fix oral health problems and some want it for a combination of these reasons.

Straight teeth not only have the appearance of a healthier smile but they also create a healthier smile.  Most people think that orthodontics are used simply for cosmetic reasons but the truth is that crooked, overlapping teeth or an improper bite can cause health problems.  An improper bite can wear down your teeth, whilst crooked and overlapping teeth are harder to thoroughly clean and floss, both of which can lead to their own problems.  

At Alluring Smiles it is our mission to give you the healthy, straight and beautiful smile you've always dreamed of.  We also know that the choice to have orthodontics is a big decision with many contributing factors.  Factors that many people take into consideration are cost, comfort level, convenience and how they will look whilst undergoing the treatment. We take the time to really understand what factors are important to you and what your ultimate goal is. By using only the latest technology and techniques combined with our experience we can offer a variety of safe and gentle treatment options and suggest the correct treatment for you. 

Our orthodontic dental services include: