Keep Smiling With Our Dentist In Woodford

A beautiful smile can light up an entire room but if you’re not confident about your teeth, it can have a huge effect on your self-esteem. If you’re based in Woodford and always wanted to have straighter teeth, our orthodontic team are always keen to help.

At Alluring Smiles, our dentists are dedicated to keeping your teeth and gums in optimal condition. Our clinic is found in Chingford and attracts patients from across the local area, including Woodford.

Along with general dentistry, we offer the latest orthodontic treatments with a range of solutions for your needs, including invisible braces, Six Month Smiles and clear aligners.

Six Month Smiles provide a quick and discreet way to achieve straighter teeth, taking on average 6 months to achieve stunning results, which is extremely quick in comparison to traditional braces which take between 2-3 years.

This orthodontics system is also extremely discreet, using clear brackets which are connected with a tooth-coloured wire, making them popular with adults who are unhappy with their teeth. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Our dentist in Chingford can talk you through any of our treatments so you can find out if they’re right for you. If you’re looking for a dentist in Woodford and want orthodontic treatment, why not get in touch today?