Why Choose Our Orthodontic Braces In North London?

Many people not only have orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons, but because it can fix oral health problems. Having crooked or overlapping teeth can have a huge effect on your confidence, but an improper bite can wear down the teeth and be bad for your health.

Why have braces as an adult?

While many of us had train-track braces as a teenager, it’s common for teeth to move as we grow older and many people aren’t happy with the results of their braces during adolescence. There are also many of us who avoided braces as an adolescence, and now regret it.

Specially trained in orthodontic technologies, Alluring Smiles offer a range of systems to improve the appearance of your teeth, including invisible braces, fixed clear braces and clear aligners, including In-Line and Invisalign treatments.

Creating a healthy, straight and beautiful smile.

Located in Chingford, London, our clinic uses the latest technologies and techniques which take into consideration cost, comfort level, convenience and the appearance of braces during treatment.

We are ideal for patients in North London who want goal-specific treatment tailored to their needs.

Our clear aligners are ideal if you only need minor adjustments to achieve your dream smile. Since they are clear, they can blend into your teeth and are extremely discreet. Better yet, they are also removeable, so they can be taken out when you’re eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.